Accordion Shutters

Quick info

  • Great for large openings such as a lanai or patio
  • Can be locked with a key for added security
  • Available in 4 colors: White, Ivory, Bronze and Beige 
  • Made with corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • Folds flat against the sides of the opening.

One of the most popular styles of shutters for a large opening such as a pool deck or balcony. Accordion shutters offer the best combination of affordability, protection and time it takes to secure your home or business.

When not in use the shutters fold flat against the sides of the window or door and are secured from accidentally opening. When needed, the shutters are opened by sliding the panels along a track and are secured in the middle. With an integrated lock, this shutter is sure to keep you safe and your home secure during any storm that may come your way. 

Recommended Preventative Maintenance

  • Every few months – Wash out the tracks with fresh water and inspect the tracks for any built up debris or insect nest that may hinder operation of the shutters.  Also, it’s a good idea to fully open and close the shutters during this time to ensure everything functions smoothly.
  • Every 6 months – With the panels closed, wash down the panels with mild soapy water making sure to clean the pivot point hinges.  
  • Once a year – Spray the top rollers with a lubricant such as Blaster Dry Lubricant that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.  Do not use products such as WD-40 or liquid wrench.

Current Production Time

Accordions: 3-4 weeks

Bahamas and Colonials: 5-7 weeks

Hurricane Fabric: 1-2 weeks

Rolling Shutters: 4-5 weeks

Aluminum & Clear Panels: 2-3 weeks



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