Ultrashield Hurricane Screens

Quick info

  • Motorized or pull down
  • Uncompromised visibility
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Accepted and approved by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.
  • Self leveling bottom bar – perfect for uneven surfaces
  • Can provide an insurance discount and increased the value of your home
  • Can span a distance of up to 24 feet

Introducing Ultrashield Hurricane Screens: Unrivaled Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Welcome to the forefront of hurricane protection – Ultrashield Hurricane Screens. At Smart Guard Shutters, we understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your home and loved ones during storm seasons. Our cutting-edge hurricane screens offer a superior combination of strength, durability, and innovation, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind in the face of nature’s fury.

Discover The Power of Ultrashield Hurricane Screens:

Unmatched Strength and Durability: 
Engineered with the latest in technological advancements, Ultrashield Hurricane Screens are crafted from high-tensile fabric and reinforced materials, creating an impenetrable barrier against debris and strong winds. Our screens are designed to meet and exceed the most rigorous industry standards for hurricane protection.

Innovative Design for Maximum Versatility: 
Experience the flexibility of Ultrashield Hurricane Screens. These screens are not just a protective layer; they are designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Enjoy natural light and ventilation while safeguarding your home. Our screens are available in various colors to suit your specific needs.

Key Features:

  1. Impact Resistance: Ultrashield Hurricane Screens are rigorously tested for impact resistance, providing a robust defense against flying debris and projectiles during storms.
  2. UV Protection: Our screens not only shield you from storms but also block harmful UV rays, helping to protect your interiors from sun damage.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Experience energy savings with our hurricane screens that act as an additional barrier against heat, keeping your space cooler and more comfortable.
  4. Custom Fit: We understand that every property is unique. Ultrashield Hurricane Screens can be customized to fit various window and door sizes, ensuring a seamless and tailored solution for your home or business.

Contact Us Today for a Secure Tomorrow

Don’t compromise on safety. Embrace the superior protection of Ultrashield Hurricane Screens. Contact Smart Guard Shutters today for a personalized consultation, and fortify your home with the ultimate defense against hurricanes.

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