Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters?

Which is better?

When it comes to protecting your windows from hurricane damage, you have two options. Getting impact rated hurricane windows or protecting your windows with hurricane shutters.  Each option has their pro and cons which you definitely need to consider before making your purchase.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are manufactured by laminating a strong interlayer between two pieces of glass.  This interlayer keeps a window from blowing out in the event of an impact which keeps air pressure out of your home.  

– Pros: Nothing to install during a storm – 365 day a year protection. 

– Cons: Very expensive – every window in your home needs to be replaced – Biggest con is that if your window gets struck by an object, it will most likely break and need to be replaced.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are installed on the exterior of the home to protect the window from damage and to keep objects from entering the home.  There are a wide variety of hurricane shutters, from hurricane panelshurricane fabricaccordion shuttersroll downs and more. These products can be significantly less money than replacing all your windows with impact glass. 

– Pros: Significantly less money than impact glass – Can act as a double layer to protect your impact windows – Florida building code approved to add protection to your home during a hurricane

– Cons: Must be manually deployed prior to a storm (Exception is with motorized roll shutters) – Some options will block light when they are installed

Why spend $1000’s for impact windows when they will just break and need replaced if something hits them?